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Tango Beginner to Tango Teacher

This post was inspired by one on teaching styles on Tango Immigrant's blog
I learned tango the usual way via a mix of local and visiting teachers. The visitors would arrive two or three times per year, talk briefly about technique in their classes and then teach us new steps. This was what most people wanted (including me at first) but when I started looking for more and took private lessons I still didn't get the basic understanding of the dance that I was looking for. 
I had group classes and solos in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the USA and the UK but in hindsight I would say that while those lessons kept the tango dream alive they didn't advance my dancing very much. 
The first big step forward was going to Buenos Aires and finding a good teacher who showed us the body mechanics of tango. It became much easier after that but it took many group classes with many teachers in order to find him.