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Janis Kenyon on Ricardo Vidort

Here's a profound post by Janis Kenyon, reproduced by Tango Commuter, about Ricardo Vidort.
Ricardo taught people 8 lessons and then told them to go away and develop their own style.

Exactly. There's a lot of overthinking and overselling of tango which gets in the way of learning the dance. If the top of the tango mountain appears to be moving away rather than getting closer, then it's time to look for different advice.

Wellington Tango - An Interview

Wellington Tango
A written Interview with Tango Dancer, Geoff Nicholls by Chris Watson, September 2014

CW: Thanks for taking time to talk about tango in Wellington, Geoff. Firstly, could you explain why you think tango is so special in Wellington? GN: I think the main reason that tango here is so good is a combination of Kiwis' love of travel and the direct flights that existed between Buenos Aires and Auckland for years (but have now gone). This means that at any local Milonga more than half of all the dancers have been to Buenos Aires at least once and many of them have been many times. Each of those people brought back a small piece of Buenos Aires with them, and all of it has added to the local scene. Now that there are no more direct flights from Auckland it can be more expensive to get there, which may slow down what was at one time a constant “conveyer belt” between Wellington and Buenos Aires.
Another element in the slowdown was that the rising standard of tango in Wellington …

My Garden of Linkly Delights!

I've been sending out links on a weekly email list for a few years now, as well as to my Sacada TangoFacebook page and the New Zealand Facebook page Tango Dancers.
Many of them were archived into a post on this blog A Few of my Favourite Things where I organised them into coherent groups. This post is where I shall put them in future as an archive. They'll tend to look like a bit of a grab bag but I prefer to think of them as a wilderness garden... ___________________________________________________________________________
Aaaaah...Luminaris....where have you been all these years? ❤️
Stephen Twist on a night out at Canning

A dancer with multiple sclerosis talks about kindness and tolerance

A dating dictionary for Buenos Aires by Sasha Cagen…